I’m working on this app that’s in my GitHub repo called pick-name. Link.

There are a couple things I'm trying to work through or solve in my code:

  1. I’m trying to create a button that will show or hide all the students in a list in a class section. The list of students are an object property called “studentNames”.
  2. I'm trying to have the array property, "studentNames" be able to modified so that can be used by client to add to student names.
  3. Names in the list should be editable. So client can click on a name in the list and edit it.

It’s seems simple it but for me a bit challenging to wrap my head around. Articles or help pages that I've googled included information about how to do this, but the guides did not include code that used hooks. All the code I saw was written using class and object notation.

I was deciding to learn the class notation in JS (which I already know) and figure out how the class notation converts to the hook notation used by React so I can implement those ideas into my app.

I just need to spend some more time reading into these guides. Also, when I add the above features, I need to make sure my codebase stays simple and light and not bulky. I want this app to work quickly and soon.

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